The most easy way to keep your calendars updated.

What is this about ? is a system assisting landlords in keeping their calendars on the web up to date. This is done by simply sending mails to the system with simple commands. For instance, if you send a mail like this:

Subject: book AP1 18-6-2009 28-6-2009

then the calendar for APartment 1 will be updated.
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* Avoid messing up the bookings * Avoid forgetting a booking * It's easy *

Share the calendars with your employees or other people, assigned with the administration of your calendar.
Update the calendars no matter where on earth you are. is not a web-site for a hotel. Creation of web-sites is not the purpose here. is most suitable for landlords who do not even have a web-site.
On the other hand, if the web-site already exists, a web-master will easily be able to create some links to the calendars. auf deutsch på dansk

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Click for big Calendar

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Q: What is the background for this system ?

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